Roger, Smith & Co- Date/piece ID help

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Roger, Smith & Co- Date/piece ID help

Postby Beallej1 » Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:04 pm

I'm getting married and as such I've been thrifting quite a bit for my vintage and antique themed wedding! I came across this beauty for only $3 at a St Vincent store! I'm looking for help in figuring out a round about year for the item. Through the current research I've done (some mild-moderate googling), it seems it could be from around 1866-1908 or so. Apparently the company moved to Meriden around then and they started merging around 1898 but still sometimes used that mark. I tried to get some pictures of various parts of the piece. If they are too small, you should be able to click and enlarge. I could also be crazy but it almost seems as though when they stamped they did it twice or maybe it was restamped as you can faintly see an M where it shouldn't be. I'm really clueless on this stuff I just very much appreciate antiques and cool pieces. I also love knowing some of the history if I can, so I hope you can help me out!
Thank you so much!
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