Is this silver it has 925 PELTRO?

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Is this silver it has 925 PELTRO?

Postby jaynebr » Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:17 am

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Postby salmoned » Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:08 pm

I went to the language translator listed below, typed in "peltro", specified portuguese, and was presented the word 'pewter'. Question answered.

byron mac donald
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Postby byron mac donald » Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:17 am

Hi Jayne-

What a great looking piece that properly sets the holiday season we are in, good timing.


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Tin, Étain, Zinn, Stagno, Estanho, Estaño ...

Postby silverport » Sun Apr 25, 2010 8:10 pm

Hello all

Now already some times coming in to »925-1000«, questions on objects, which are to be held to be “Sterling”; or self “Britannia”-silver — for reason of misleading “fineness” marks, like e.g. 925, or 950, or …

In past 19 century and begin of 20 century were objects en vogue, made from »Britannia« - a tin-antimony-alloy.

This should never be confused with the British »Britannia Standard« for Silver = 958-1,000 fineness!

I make here an attempt to place, next to each other, the words in several languages.

For illustration here are following two topics, for understanding.


dragonflywink: Can't quite make out whether it says "Peltro" or "Peltre" in the oval, suspect it's with an "o", making it Italian rather than Spanish.

jaq8jaq informed us that »Peltro« is Italian for pewter!

(The inner crystal glass liner is missing; and the slide is in upper front part repaired.)

salmoned: I went to the language translator listed below, typed in "peltro", specified Portuguese, and was presented the word 'pewter'. Question answered.

That salmoned was mislead from the oval mark MADE IN BRAZIL is normal — I was it either too!

The Portuguese language speaking countries have just undergone a language reformation — Portuguese is now more Brazilian as ever. In a very recently published and very voluminous dictionary isn’t registered »peltro«!

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish:

Tin (E), Étain (F), Zinn (G), Stagno (I), Estanho (P), Estaño (S)

? (E), Creneaux ? (F), Zinnern (G), Marlature ? (I), de estanho (P), de estaño (S)

Tin alloy, Pewter (E), Alliage d’étain (F), Zinnlegierung (G), Lega stagno (I), Ligação de estanho, Peltre (P), Aleación de estaño (S)

Pewterer, Tin man (E), Potier d’étain (F), Zinngiesser (G), Fondatore de stagno (I), Peltrero (P), Fundiciónero de estaño (S)

Pewter ware (E), Vaiselle d’étain (F), Zinngeschirr (G), Peltro (I), Peltre (P), Vajilla de estaño (S)


Kind regards silverport

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