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BMF 90

Postby awtonomows » Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:16 am

Good day - I have an 8 piece setting of silver plated flatware and a few serving pieces, and am wondering if anyone knows where to find information on the pattern and possible year. BMF 90 mark with the hiker/skier mark. I found an old forum post on your site from 2013 between MOlmeda and Trev. and she was able to contact the company. However, when searching now, I get no google hits on the actual company to ask, and the links to the photos are dead so I can't compare what she asked about to our flatware! Here are the remarks from the 2013 post:
- "The BMF, Cutlery and Metalware Factory, was established in 1908 at Solingen. During WWII, the company relocated its headquarters to Burgkunstadt in Bavaria. BMF was taken over in 1994 by the Swiss firm A. Pfister S.A. and became integrated in 1996 into the branch establishment of A. Pfister S.A., Burgkunstadt."
- "I contacted BMF (Bergische Metallwarenfabrik Deppmeyer & Co.) requesting information about my cutlery..."This is the modell 1450. Sorry but we have no item on stock from this modell the last produce are in the 80er years, the beginn of the produce for this modell must 1930 - 1940".
BMF P. Graf"

I found the pattern from a seller on eBay but there were no details about the name of the pattern or approximate year. Does anyone know if the company is still in business, and how to contact them if so - or have an idea of the pattern name/circa? Thanks in advance for any help!
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