935 silver brooch

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935 silver brooch

Postby jubinn » Wed Apr 08, 2020 4:51 pm


I have been trying to identify the age of this brooch and have ran into difficulties.

There are three markings on this brooch, on the left there is a K4 (I am sorry this one is difficult to make out on the picture) and on the right a 935 and an i. I think it is safe to assume the 935 is the proof of the silver. From reading around on the forum I understood this points most likely towards German or Swiss, but the K4 seems to be either 1840s Sweden or 1890s Finland, the latter of which would make sense based on the design as well as the clasp and hinge and the fact that I bought this in Estonia. The i I have found nothing about.

Thank you for any help!


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