Earrings with aha mark

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Earrings with aha mark

Postby Dandelion » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:12 am




Here’s a pair of earrings I’m trying to link to a maker. When I search, I get information about A. Holthe from Norway, Arendal - and A. Holthe, Denmark, Aalborg.

A. Holthe from Norway seems to be, with full name, Astri Hilde Holthe Lunder. And the correct mark seems to be an H inside a shield.

Based on information from this site, the earrings should’ve been made by A. Holthe in Denmark. But I get quite a bit confused when I find auctions with objects with this aha mark where claims are made they are by the Holthe from Norway.

Any comments that can clear this up is much appreciated!


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