Unique Marks on Tiffany Sterling Bangle Bracelet

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Unique Marks on Tiffany Sterling Bangle Bracelet

Postby klingsheim » Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:09 pm

Hello all,
We recently purchased the bangle bracelet from a consignment shop who swears it is authentic (because its illegal for them to sell fakes they say) but we've never seen Tiffany jewelry with these marks (they look similar to import marks but don't match anything I have found thus far).
I was hoping someone could help identify those marks and potentially verify if they too think it is authentic.

Thanks so much!


Close up of Pattern

Close up of Tiffany Marks

Close up of Serial number and unknown mark? Please help with these marks! :)

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Re: Unique Marks on Tiffany Sterling Bangle Bracelet

Postby AG2012 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:59 am

Another set of curious and suspicious Tiffany pictorial marks
How can your shopkeeper guarantee legality and authenticity if he cannot tell the origin of the bangle ?
The bangle had the original owner to be asked about it`s history.
Have a look at this thread:

Similar ``flower`` mark far right.
Official modern hallmark in laser technique from Moscow, Russia.
Posted the marks on Russian forum,too, but no response whatsoever.
Baby cup was officially assayed in Russia.laser equipment is too expensive for faking purposes and in this case there is no logic in adding Russian hallmark to Tiffany, but god knows where it was made and how retailed, and by whom.
Tiffany is often faked, and also made in Spain, Italy....
Compare with Georg Jensen jewelry made in Thailand (legally) and some holloware made in Italy with Jensen dotted oval mark, no ``Denmark`` though.
Corporate businesses cannot be trusted any more,even Savile Row bespoke tailors admit overseas contractors.


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