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A Note to Online Sellers

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Given what you have just read, you may have the feeling that eBay or other online sellers are not welcome here at the Silver Marks Forum. This is not the case, many of the forum members, forum staff as well, are quite active on eBay.

The forum and website are about sharing information, it is our reason for being, and if you have an item you'd sincerely like to learn more about in order to make a more informed presentation, we applaud that. It is our belief that everyone benefits from more knowledgeable descriptions and we are happy to help whenever possible. But, our cooperation and your membership come at a price.

Firstly, the rules are to be respected and secondly, we have expectations of you. The rules banning eBay seller names and online auction photos are in place for a very good reasons. In the spirit of them, we expect you to do everything in your power to make it impossible to track you or your items from your forum posting back to eBay, Etsy, cyberattic, trocadero, rubylane, your own website or any other marketing site. When posting photos, use an anonymous photo host, not an inkfrog, andale, photobucket or any other such account that includes your seller or business name -- tinypic.com is anonymous and recommended.

When posting a question, have some patience, here, if nowhere else, it does not matter if you are anxious to flip an item quickly. Don't push for more information, the forum is populated by people who want to share what they know. If an answer or more information is not forthcoming it is generally because it is not readily available. Take whatever you have learned, be thankful for it and get off your ass and get out there and do some of your own research. The forum and website are not-for-profit ventures, staffed by volunteers giving freely of their time, no one is here to write your eBay description for you. Furthermore, please use your own common sense to cover anything I may have missed.

In closing, please take care with your photos, nothing pays this website back as well as a good clean shot of a silver mark we have not yet been able to document due to lack of a decent photo. Provide us with one and everyone who comes here to research will owe you...anonymously.

Now, please, click here and get back to reading the posting requirements.