CMR Charles M. Robbins Souvenir

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CMR Charles M. Robbins Souvenir

Postby patack » Mon May 29, 2017 5:52 pm


I recently purchased a CMR piece at an estate sale and realized it had hallmarks. After much research, I found information about Charles M. Robbins, but I am puzzled.

Almost everything I have found with reference to Charles M. Robbins is sterling (and marked as sterling) and a few enamel pieces.
What I have is a pie or tart server with the CMR hallmark, but it is not sterling.

My piece is either brass or gold/gold plated. Did CMR make items in either of these metals? I have not found a single one.
I was unable to upload an image, so I here are links to my photos below. ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/

Thanks you so much for your time.

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