Prager Kleinseite 1764

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Prager Kleinseite 1764

Postby dolpheus » Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:46 pm

Hello, friends,

i want share with you this example of rarely seen hallmark from Prager Kleinseite (Pražská Malá Strana), year
1764. And also, if somebody can help me, i have some questions:

1, I have problems with maker identification. I know, maker mark is hard to read, but as i see, it is most probably
"I.E". I do not see another possibility, but i very welcome your opinion.
If it is in true IE, i have found tree possibilities:

Ioannes Engel (known work 1754-1771) - i don't have makers mark picture

Josef Johann Ferdinand Eberle (1729-1798) - i don't have makers mark picture, i don't know it is IE or IIE or IIFE

Jacobus Christian Ebner (before 1700-1778) - Most active maker, known cca 20 items, almost all church silver.
But, D.Stehlíková show maker mark ICE, not IE, and frame is similar, not identical. But, info from presentation
"The Story of Prague Castle" descripts one its work is marked I.E. in tetralobe disc. So, if it is true, it pass
perfectly to my piece.

So, whats yours opinion?

2, I am not sure about this box purpose. It seems like snuff box, but why divided? Or, pill box, but are known
pill box's so old as this? Or, it is something other?

3, Initials seems somewhat strange to me. Do you thing, these can be from 1764, or desing is inconsistent and
were made later?

Many thanks for your time and help


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