Sterling vase with mark I cant identify.

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Sterling vase with mark I cant identify.

Postby ralfington » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:00 pm

Any help would be greatly appreciated here guys. I cant tell what maker of this vase is. Looks like an "na" but the top of the "n" looks squared off. Could that be a Cyrillic letter? Is this russian? It also seems like it has lead added to the bottom for weight. Any help identifying this would be awesome. Thanks a lot.


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Re: Sterling vase with mark I cant identify.

Postby Aguest » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:44 am

The overall form seems like an "Amphora" form, a quick search for 925 Amphora Vases would yield images of similar forms, and the "Amphora" form is usually from Greece, and perhaps with a magnifying glass the letters could be Greek letters rather than Cyrillic letters?

Not sure who the maker would be, but my first guess would be to try to link a maker from Greece, many sterling silver objects were made with an emphasis on the tourist trade, part of the traditional "Grand Tour" of Europe which wealthy tourists would take, often stopping in Greece :

If it is not Greek, then perhaps we need to look for a country that was influenced by Ancient Greece, such as Turkey (Asia Minor) and Macedonia, for example, but it would be best to give Greece a chance for the initial investigation :

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