Gorham Handout - Centennial Exhibition - Philadelphia - 1876

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Gorham Handout - Centennial Exhibition - Philadelphia - 1876

Postby dognose » Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:13 am

An exhibition handout issued by The Gorham Company during the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 that was held at Philadelphia:


The Gorham Company's Exhibit of Solid Silver Ware of Sterling Purity
Centre of Main Building, Centennial Exhibition

Retail Store, Union Square, New York
Wholesale Rooms, 1, Bond Street, New York
Manufactory, Providence, R.I


The Century Vase
Manufactured by the Gorham Company
Length of base, 5 feet 4 inches, Height, 4 feet 2 inches
Weight, 2,000 Ounces, Solid Silver
Designed by George Wilkinson and T.J. Pairpoint



The Gorham Company

In making this exhibit (mainly of solid silver), announce that they have been makers of solid silver for upwards of thirty years, for the retailers, who have sold the same under their individual stamp. The Company feel justified in making the statement that their productions are not only of the highest grade manufactured in the present advanced state of the art, but that their great facilities enable them to make prices within the means of the closest buyers.

In the year 1865, in order to meet a demand for plated ware of a finer quality than hitherto made, the Company commenced the manufacture of "The Gorham Plate" in hard metal, equal in character and finish to their Solid Silver, which, however, constitutes a minor part of their business, Solid Silver being the main feature.

Articles purchased from our exhibit can only be delivered after the close of the Exhibition in November, but duplicates may be had at the Company's Store, 37, Union Square, New York.

All our Silver Ware is of Sterling purity, 925/1000 fine.


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