GURNEY, Richard (Grimwade p.530)

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GURNEY, Richard (Grimwade p.530)

Postby MCB » Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:40 am

Robert Sallam (Grimwade p.650) in 1736, Daniel Burt in 1740, Lewis Herne (Grimwade p.544, 753) and Richard Clover in 1747 all signed indentures to be his apprentices.
Land Tax assessment books show he was last assessed on property in Foster Lane in 1766. He had entered marks at Goldsmiths Hall from this address from 1724-50. The premises remained empty until 1768, a new tenant being assessed in 1769.

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Re: GURNEY, Richard (Grimwade p.530)

Postby buckler » Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:07 pm

On 16 December 1761 the Will of Thomas Cooke [Gurney's partner] of the Parish of Saint Leonard Foster Lane Citizen and Goldsmith was proved at PCC
The will is long, complicated, very detailed and the registered copy difficult to read .

There are several Gurney connections

Among the numerous beneficiaries were :-
George Gurney of Todington in the county of Bedford and to Susanah his wife
Thomas Gurney of Brook Market in the parish of St Andrews ???????? in the county of Middlesex, ?butcher ? and Mary his wife
Miss Elizabeth Gurney daughter of the aforesaid Thomas and Elizabeth Gurney

"to each of my friends (herein after particularly mentioned) one gold ring to the value of one guinea each to wit Thomas Fisher of Springfield ?Estuary? ???, Warwick, Samuel Wood, Samuel Bates, Walter Brind and his wife , Edward Smith, Thomas ?Gilpin and his wife, Samuel Eaton, Charles Stoaks ( Stokes?) and his wife , and to Susanna Gurney the wife of George Gurney of Todington before mentioned and to Sandyland Drinkwater. " Most of these are silversmiths .

The residue ( which included farm interests in Bedfordshire and much property in London including Covent Garden and Foster Lane) all went to his partner Richard Gurney , who was named executor.

There are marginal notes to the register that indicate Richard Gurney did not carry out his duties and powers were granted later for them to be effected by others.

I have a PDF copy of the register copy available to anyone wanting a headache .

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Re: GURNEY, Richard (Grimwade p.530)

Postby dognose » Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:46 am

An example of the work and mark (Grimwade No. 2325) of Richard Gurney & Co.:


RG-TC - London - 1749

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