Interesting Dognose/Wavy-End Tablespoon

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Re: Interesting Dognose/Wavy-End Tablespoon

Postby Aguest » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:01 pm

Sorry to double-post, but I found one particular spoon by William Scarlett in "The Finial" (spoon #189 on page .36. Volume 25/06 July/August 2015) and I have enlarged the hallmark on that particular spoon, which certainly bears the hallmark of William Scarlett, and it does seem very plausible that WesternPA has a spoon made by William Scarlett, the evidence is quite compelling, and were these spoons to be placed side-by-side and analyzed, it could lend further evidence to support the tentative attribution of William Scarlett.

There is only the slightest bit of hallmark, so I do understand the hesitation to assign the attribution to William Scarlett.

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Re: Interesting Dognose/Wavy-End Tablespoon

Postby WesternPA » Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:14 pm

Thank you all for the highly informative discussion! Perhaps it is the influence of these posts, but I am starting to see a maker's mark of Sc with the bottom of the letters toward the bowl - it seems perhaps William Scarlett would be a good possibility. The maker's mark at least is not inconsistent with that interpretation. Thanks again!

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