Restaurantware Suppliers In Silverwares

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Restaurantware Suppliers In Silverwares

Postby Traintime » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:00 pm

Both large and small suppliers in this field have been known to place a name or trademark upon silverware products in place of an established maker mark. Several are known, others remain undocumented. This would be a place to add any information that might help trace odds names back to the origins of the actual maker, be it an established silvermaker or a factory opened by the owners of the supply company itself.

SIEGEL, COOPER & Co.--marks or brands unknown.
Dry Goods Reporter Vol. 5 1905 has revealed that the Siegel, Cooper & Company store in Manhattan New York was active in the Hotel Supply Field. Since this information has just come to light, it is not yet known what lines they carried or whether they are among those who replaced maker names. Just one to be on the lookout for until more is known.

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