Towle Engraved D Mystery (Engraved A-C?)

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Towle Engraved D Mystery (Engraved A-C?)

Postby Aguest » Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:27 pm

There is a pattern listed in the "A.F. Towle & Sons" pattern identification guide as "Engraved D" ::: Here is is:


Here is a pattern I found with what seems to be the "Towle" hallmark (not the A.F. Towle & Sons Hallmark) and it is similar to but not quite "Engraved D":



So is this "Towle" or "A.F. Towle & Sons" and would this pattern be "Engraved A" or "Engraved B" or "Engraved C" as opposed to "Engraved D" or ????

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Re: Towle Engraved D Mystery (Engraved A-C?)

Postby silverhammer » Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:08 pm


It's definitely Towle Silversmiths. See their marks here: ... s/SST4.htm

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