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World Hallmarks Overview
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Estonia Hallmarks

Estonian Hallmarks

National mark of fleur de lis, EW = Eesti Wabariik (Estonian Republic), 84 zolotnick =.875 silver standard.

National mark of lion passant guardant.
Numerical standard mark - .935, .900, .875 & .800
These marks are usually accompanied by an initial maker's mark.

European Hallmarks

Finland Hallmarks

1810 - Present

Finland Hallmarks
& Date Marks


1798 - present

French Silver & Gold Marks Menu

French Silver marks France
Silverplate marks
Maker's mark in a rectangle as opposed to the diamond shape used on silver. Numeral indicates silverplate thickness.

French Silver & Gold Marks Chart

European Silver Marks Germany

1886 - Present

German Marks Section

Hungarian HallmarksHungary Silver Marks

Hungary Silver Marks

1937 - 1965

numeral indicates fineness
2 =.900
3 =.800

see; Austria-Hungary for pre-1937 marks

Icelandic hallmarks Iceland

Standard mark and maker's mark, sometimes "Made in Iceland"

Site for Icelandic Maker's Marks

Yogya silver marks

indonesian silver marks
after c.1930
decimal standard mark, usually accompanied by a maker's mark.

Yogya Silver

persian silver marks

iranian silver marks
20th Cent.

84 standard mark = .875 purity, it is usually accompanied by a maker's or town mark.

The lion mark was used c.1967-79. The example is for .875 silver, double line around the cartouche indicated .900 silver.

Iraqi Hallmarks Iraq
mid 20th Century

left: Assay, indicates city of assay and silver standard of .800, other standards likely exist
middle: National mark, map of Iraq
right: Arabic date letter.

c.1730 to 1923
Examples have the (harp) town mark for Dublin.
British Hallmarks

Israeli Hallmarks Silver Israel
c.1950s to 1970s
Usually with "Israel" and sometimes a maker's mark.
More information is needed.

Italian Hallmarks Silver Italy

Italian Hallmarks
from 1872

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