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George Haverstick
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Active 1st Q. 19th C., silversmith noted for his bird-back spoons.

hawkes sterling T. G. Hawkes & Co.
Corning, NY ~ 1895 - 1964
Manufacturer of fine crystal and cut glass, some sterling mounted.

Hawley & Leach
Hawley & Leach
Utica, NY
Active c1853 - 1856. Horace H. Hawley, Almon Leach & George Leach.

Hayden & Whilden Hayden & Whilden
Charleston, South Carolina
Active c1855 - 1863. Assumed to be a partnership of H. Sidney Hayden & William G. Whilden

J.Hayes, Aspen James Hayes
Aspen, Colorado ~ 1949 - Present
Handmade jewelry and small objects.

H & Adriance Hayes & Adriance
Poughkeepsie, NY
Active c1816 - 1826. Peter P. Hayes & John Adriance

H.S, star Hayward & Sweet
Attleboro, MA ~ 1887 - c1904
Succeeded by Walter E. Hayward Co.

JH John Heath
New York, NY
(b.1721- d.1806) Active in NY from c1761.

Heather Mathews, Sterling Heather-Mathews Co.
New York, NY ~ c1940s
Sterling picture frames, boxes & novelties

HH, Patent
Henry Hebbard
New York, NY
Active c1847 - 1869. Important maker, patented a number of flatware patterns and produced for early Tiffany & Company. Hebbard was involved in a number of partnerships, most notably with John Polhemus.

H, leaves

Daniel Booth Hempsted
New London, CT & Eatontown, GA
(b.1784 - d.1852) Connecticut until 1820, Georgia afterwards.

H George A. Henckel & Co.
New York, NY ~ 1909 - c1940
Quality workshop, to the trade. Absorbed into Currier & Roby

GH George Hendell
Carlisle, PA
(b.1776-d.1842) active c.1802-c.1840

Hennegan Bates Co
Hennegan, Bates & Co.
Baltimore, Maryland ~ 1874 - c1930
Founded in Pittsburgh in the mid 1860's, later removed to Baltimore. Jobbing firm, wholesaling and retailing of Baltimore silversmith's work.

star, wing Herbst & Wassall
New York, NY ~ 1909 - c1940
Small, quality shop. Sterling & 14k, small articles.

Joel F. Hewes Joel F. Hewes
Titusville, Pennsylvania ~ Active c1910 - c1950
Small shop, handwrought hammered work. Hewes is erroneously listed as a Boston smith in Kovels'. He was succeeded, in the early 1950's, by Jonathan L. Locke who began working at the Titusville shop in 1914.

W.B.Heyer William Braisted Heyer
New York, NY
(b.1776 - d.1828), active c1798 - 1828. In partnership with J. L. Gale sometime prior to 1808. After his death the business was carried on by his widow until 1832

Hickok, Sterling
Hickok Manufacturing Co.
Rochester, NY
Large jewelry manufacturer, founded 1909. In the mid 1940s, the company refocused to gold plated & sterling Silver jewelry for men.

D.B.H & Co D. B. Hindman & Co.
Philadelphia, PA
Active c1833 - 1837

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